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Features Editor - THIIIRD Magazine

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Former Document Editor - HPE North America

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Through interviews, articles and essays, Natalie's work frames and examines the impact of dominant worldview on the identity and well-being of marginalised people / cultures. She spotlights the stories of lesser represented communities, amplifying their voices and allying their rights.*


Activism & Community Services

Natalie offers Support: Calling Out Racism. A 1-1 donation based black community support service for those in search of the words and tools to articulate themselves against microaggression and racist ideology.

The service that mirrors this is Mentoring in Social Justice Concepts, a 1 on 1 service designed to privately guide those seeking assistance in understanding concepts such as privilege, supremacy and systematic oppression. This service is open to all people: people experiencing difficulty grasping definitions and application, people seeking to become more compassionate in understanding their own privileges, people searching to understand how they may be internalising systematic oppression.

Blended Healing is a holistic healing therapy designed to care for the ‘self’ with great consideration for how social climate impacts culture, personal identity and therefore personal well-being. This service is a response to the reports of many (particularly people of colour) who express that generational context is often overlooked in traditional therapy.

Natalie is not a psychotherapist and her work is by no means a replacement for traditional therapy, but a support. 

*Natalie will consider offering her services at reduced rates (up to free of charge) for activism and charities enduring particularly under privileged circumstances.


"Ghostwriting supersedes art, it's alchemy. It is transmuting the meanings and feelings of thought and speech (breath) to written words"

Natalie Alleyne


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