Image by Mayur Gala

1 on 1 Blended Healing Processes

Blended holistic healing was developed as a response to the concerns of many (particularly people of colour), who report that during traditional therapy generational context and the influence it has on identity and therefore well being, seems widely overlooked.

Healing can feel like a journey of curved, steep and narrow roads. We don’t all come from the same place nor do we all have the same weights to unload. For this reason a blended practice can sometimes be the best route to well being. Blended Healing brings you aspects of storytelling, world spiritual thought and crystal therapy as a means to shifting emotional blockages, affirming grounding and watering positive growth. 

By no means a replacement to traditional forms of therapy, these holistic sessions are a support; tailored to the individual and weaved with deep consideration for your personal identity and cultural space, whatever they may be.

Confidential 1 on 1 session