Image by Jessica Felicio

Black Community Support: Speaking up to Racism

Donation run coaching and support for those in search of the words and tools to articulate themselves against microaggression and racist ideology.

How often does something just rub you the wrong way but you can't quite find the words to describe it?

Ten years ago I didn’t have the words to protect or defend myself against everyday microaggressions. I could not clearly articulate why I felt my hair should not be pawed, why people telling me to ‘calm down’ could be particularly offensive, or why white feminism robbed me of my black womanhood. There were other uncomfortable feelings, like being faced with cultural appropriation, denial of white privilege and comments about how I was ‘pretty for a black girl.’

Can you relate?

While microaggressions and toxic debate stances need not always be challenged by black people, the empowerment lies in the choice to speak up or keep quiet. There is nothing worse than letting it slide because you can’t quite articulate yourself.

Our conversations will empower you, they will support you by nurturing your confidence and ability to vocalise.

These sessions are intended for community support and therefore run on donations.

Since Black Live Matter is no longer trending, we are in a position where more donations are needed to keep these sessions available. Donations account for 25% of cost per session the remaining 75% is met with free time. 

Request your booking time and be sure to include your email address.

Any donations to be made by PayPal or Ko-Fi.

Acceptance is subject to availability.