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Anti-Racism + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mentoring and Business Consulting

Clever repositioning — small steps towards the long term benefits of inclusive organisational culture


The Benefits

Sustainable and measurable

A just and safe environment
Increased productivity
Greater staff retention
Access to new markets 
Higher creativity and innovation
Improved problem solving organisation wide
Lifted employee morale
Greater job satisfaction
Enhanced team trust
Stronger team communication
Better peer learning



Strategies curated to your needs

Team training

Individual mentoring & support

Appraising and tuning up operations

Reviewing policy and procedure 

Evaluating and deepening organisational values




"Working with Natalie has been a rich, healing and ultimately liberating experience for The Cares Family and our team. We are just getting started with our anti-racism work, but have accelerated deep learning and have been able to confront the trauma of intergenerational and systemic racism head-on with Natalie’s leadership, expertise, empathy and vision. The unique combination of a programme rooted in history while also being tailored to our work is what stands Natalie’s work out: it is open and responsive but also true to the cause of anti-racism which is everyone’s business. Natalie has added so much to The Cares Family that we have decided to work with her over an extended period. We feel lucky to have found her."

Alex Smith

The Cares Family Founder and CEO. Obama Fellow

Natalie collaborated with charity, Tz Rising on a 4 part series of public workshops entitled, 'Re-frame + Understand: BLM.' The workshops were a great success — 70 participants, all initially strangers, engaged week after week.

"Natalie is a pro. She did what she said she would do. She speaks with the assurance of someone who is immersed in their field and is extremely passionate about her work. She listens, takes feedback, supports others in her team and will care about what you want to achieve together. Tz Rising is delighted to have worked with Natalie, we couldn't of asked for anyone better!"

Michael Fox

Tz Rising Founder and CEO

"Thank you so, such a fantastic event! I learned a lot."

Christina Murphy

"It was amazing! Thank you again for such an amazing resource."

Reanne Price

"THANK YOU so much, it was so powerful."

Rosie Seymour


"It was an absolutely amazing course, thank you so much. Natalie is an incredibly professional and knowledgeable facilitator with energy and enthusiasm. I highly recommend for any teams looking to gain a more global and integrated perspective around issues of race and the important implications for how we take action in modern society."

Alex Bustamante

Social worker, Bolivia


"Joining the BLM webinar series was educational, connecting and incredibly thought-provoking. It's been a wonderful and hugely important space at this time when the BLM protests have passed but the need for action hasn't. Natalie presented eloquently and clearly as she guided us through a process of learning and reconnecting. She answered the most basic questions with understanding and sensitivity and her passion and dedication to the cause really shone through. She's an excellent role model and a source of inspiration that will bring about change through education and discussion. Thank you for your dedication and work, Natalie."

Katie Rees



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