Why are fees set hourly and not per word?

Many writing services do charge per word. However remember, a word itself is not a commodity. My clients pay for a high quality service involving art, skill, research and care. Professional writers who charge by the hour understand that our objectives are more than producing a coherent stream of words. We invoke all aspects of the craft when completing your writing, and therefore the finished product is a class above average - It’s golden.

Are hourly rates more expensive than charge per word?

No. Some writers charge 10p/word and others £1/word. Some writers will charge £10/hour and others £100/hour. Shop around - you will find that either way you pay for the service you expect.

How many hours will [insert service] take?

It depends. Writing professionals who charge by the hour will be able to give you an estimated service time once they know what the work involves. Some are happy to negotiate but please be aware, a writer with integrity who is invested in the quality of the finished product will not cut a 10 hour job, into a 5 hour job.

Do you charge for revisions?

No. Depending on the depth of the work, I offer a number of rounds of feedback and alteration. Additionally, I often return two finished variations of the work to clients. Work required beyond this will be charged at an hourly rate.

How do you communicate with clients during a project?

Naturally during this time of pandemic, face to face meetings are out of the question for all of us. However, this by no means interferes with the quality of service. Generally speaking, many of those who require my services are tight for time and with this in mind I have always been open to various methods of communication, beginning with emails and extending to, video calls, phone calls and instant messaging services. 

Do you offer a paraphrasing service?

No. Although exceptions are made for paraphrasing of your own original content. An example of this would be to relay the same company information on different platforms.

Who do you ghostwrite for?

Flee from the ‘ghostwriter’ who kisses and tells! I write for prominent figures, business and individuals. 

How do you accept payment?

BACS and Paypal

Do you negotiate fees?

No, but also yes. I do share my services to charitable, up and coming and social justice driven causes at lower rates. I am passionate about people and story and expression! Therefore I am partial to lending a hand, where time allows, to cultivating voice for those lesser privileged and / or marginalised.


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