Nate Ethan Watson: Traversing Transitions in Music, Mind and Masculinity

April 18, 2020

UK rap artist Nate Ethan Watson shares his observations and feelings on concepts such as growing into complete self-expression, society transitioning out of pandemic nightmare, being a black man in the world and the truth regarding the press infamously labelling Nate, ‘the UK’s first transgender grime artist.’

Interview by Natalie Alleyne

Carrying a contagious zest for life and a powerful sense of self, musician, NHS team member and charity founder, Nate Ethan, is sugar, spice and all things nice, something his followers – and “all of his girlfriends” – no doubt attest to. Referred to by the press as ‘the UK’s first transgender grime artist,’ the multifaceted Nate is no stranger to challenges and changes. THIIIRD’s Features Editor Natalie Alleyne had the privilege of chatting with Nate and exploring notions of Transition through aspects of Present, Past and Future, from his perspective.

Transition (n) the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The Present, Pandemic.

Natalie Alleyne: Times are strange, Nate, this pandemic is costing people a lot. How are you?

Nate Ethan: It really is, we are in a surreal time right now. I’ve been better, as I’m sure many would say, but amazing to see and witness how people are coming together and supporting each other with getting through this. 

NA: You work in operations for the NHS, right? Being on the inside, what advice would you give to people at the moment? 

NE: I currently work in the therapy department, so from that aspect I would say to stay at home firstly and take care of your mental health as much as your physical. Try new activities at home during this lock down, it’s a chance to also get creative and learn something you have been interested in but not had the time.   

NA: How do you think society should transition out of this pandemic nightmare? Do you think there are things we should leave behind when things go back to normal?

NE: At this point I’m not sure if we will go back to normal or...